A-List Re-Open's in Westminster

Hotter than ever, the A-List reopened in Westminster on Wednesday July 28th, 2010. Managed by Croft Atolia, hosted by donna Redrose and weekend DJ ed by the fabulous prettybones Flux, the club will be open from 9pm to 1 or 2pm UK time.

The A-List is another terrific London build with, as Croft put it, a "relaxed atmosphere and anything goes, within moderate guidelines." Contests display avatar profile pictures and there will be different events and theme nights planned for the future.

Croft hopes that the A-List will provide an "alternative friendly place for people to come and let their hair down" as it will "still be open after most of the other clubs have closed." After the relaunch on Wednesday, he has loved seeing regulars return and enjoy themselves and is excited about the new visitors as well, wanting them to know they too are welcomed guests!

Click HERE for a TP to the Party!

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