Hyde Park to add Affordable Housing!

The east side of Hyde Park will soon be home to new affordable housing geared towards new residents. 9 beautiful homes, created with the exciting feel of London, located near the Gateway and Sandbox for easy community access and a great opportunity to make friends will be landed soon (as they are currently in the sky above Hyde being built) along a road that will likely be called "Regent Lane." They should be available for rental by Tuesday.

The homes, which will be priced at 350L per week for 100 prim, will include integrated security, electronic doors and a media changer in the rental box, so that once a payment is made a person only has to be invited to the land group before they can begin enjoying their new residence in the community. In addition to the already bustling, active location, the idea of a general store is in the works, where residents will be able to purchase attractive, low prim furniture and decorations at low cost for their new abode.

The homes are really a natural progression to the progress being made in the already lovely Gateway. According to Torric Rodas, it will give new users and opportunity to rent their own property "whilst in the safety of Hyde Parke where there are many experienced Greeters to assist them, should they need initial help." The goal was to add to an ever growing community in Hyde and hopefully assist the park in becoming more self sufficient.
While homes in Hyde may seem like a step away from London reality, builder Billy Arentire points out that, "As with all buildings in London, the homes in Hyde Park are based on ones that exist in real life. They have been chosen for their unique style, a style that fits very nicely in a park setting.... Having a starter home in the sanctuary of Hyde Park will put residents near the heart of London and within reach of any assistance new residents may need."
Like with all London homes, residents can expect top notch, personal service and business integrity. These homes, built in the bustling, active part of London's Virtually Linked Sim, will be a welcome addition to the already growing community.
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