Are You Ready for LazerFrag?

With cool twists and turns and awesome neon lights... Lazerfrag is the newest gig to hit London and a must see if you're traveling through the sims. The shooting game, with a layout designed to exercise the brain, was inspired by first person shooter games. Wiccy Shakelton remarked that he had "seen a few systems for second life available, but not one that is as easy to play as 1-2-3."

The new build was a team effort with Eveshka Blackheart building the venue layout, Caiaphas Wilberg creating the game-board textures, and Wiccy Shackleton providing the scripts and mechanism for the game. It will be maintained and managed by Wiccy.

Though open 24 hours a day and free to the public, Wiccy expects to see most of the venue traffic between 8 and midnight UK time. Tournaments are being planned and will be announced as and when available.

Lazerfrag has no rules and is easy to play. The object of the game is simply to shoot as many of your opponents within ten minutes as you can while avoiding being shot, using the venue's layout to hide, duck, scamper, and otherwise outwit the other players. Each successful shot earns you 10 points and the winner is announced at the end of the game.

Lazerfrag is something a little different for the London community and Wiccy hopes "it will add a new dimension to London, to make it a bit more exciting and to build a more vibrant community."

Click HERE for a TP to this exciting new venue! Don't forget to bring your friends!

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