Welcome Home Ice and Karola!

Second Life has proven time and again that home is not where you live... it's where your heart is. Many of us here choose to mark our own little space in Second Life in a city or place very unlike our Real Life homes. For example, city dwellers look for cabins or beach resorts and Virtually Linked London is a melody of diverse voices from around the globe. London is not just an orientation gateway... or a smattering of clubs... it is a community... a place to call home, and for many of the staff who work there, the friendships they've formed with each other are closer akin to family ties. And that is why, when Ice Hartshon and Karola Silversmith left London to seek their fortunes elsewhere, there was a great deal of sadness amongst the team.

It is with great joy on Saturday June 19, that Torric Rodas announced the return of London Greeters and bloggers Ice Hartshon and Karola Silversmith.

Ice and Karola were ecstatic to be home. "We are both so happy to be back in the London team," Ice revealed. "We have missed the sim and the great team and the residents a lot."

Welcome home, you two! We missed you!
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