Rosie Haroldson to Head Knightsbridge

It was announced in London this week that Rosie Haroldson will be heading Knightsbridge as the new Sim manager.

Rosie brings a variety of real life skills to this position that make her an ideal candidate for the job, including experience in customer service, administration, retail management and hospitality. With 10 months experience in SL and nearly five months experience hosting and managing clubs (including the nostalgic Coach & Horses and the popular Three Bells) Rosie brings much to her new role.

Rosie's journey in London has been an exciting one, beginning as a Greeter in the Hyde Park gateway helping new residents and moving to hosting and management. She fell upon the Three Bells while exploring and "immediately fell in love with it." After some intensive research and footwork, she discovered that there was real life Three Bells: "I nearly fell off my chair with excitement when I saw it!!! OMG it was trendy, chique and upmarket... exactly what I was looking for!" And her work there has been absolutely upscale, as the venue was a quick success and continually thrives.

With so many positives behind her, we fully expect that Rosie will have great plans for the Knightsbridge Sim. And indeed that is the case. As she has said, "Knightsbridge is the mix of old and new... old being the charm of yesteryear as Knightsbridge is the first of the original London Sims. The new is a combination of that charm mixed with exciting new venues to entertain you and dazzling new stores to shop away your hours in." But though she recognizes that Knightsbridge is great as is, she realizes there is always room for improvement and plans to make a few changes with the help of her team by "concentrating initially on roads and pavements which need upgrading and there is a public park/recreation area that also need to be updated... We will be making our way around the Sim, street by street, working our magic here and there to make Knightsbridge not only beautiful, but an enjoyable and desirable place to be, not only for our existing tenants but for new tenants to enjoy also."

Rosie will be replacing Angelique Macarthur who has stepped down from management. Like all of us here in London, Rosie wishes Angelique well in her future SL endeavours.

Rosie is excited to begin her adventure and London welcomes her. Rosie remarked, "I would like to thank London management for giving me this opportunity. While I settle into my new role as Sim Manager, please be patient with me as I am still learning... but if you see me in the street, please do stop and say Hi!"

We expect that this will be another exciting ride with ups and downs... but a fantastic finish. Good luck, Rosie! We know you'll be great!
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