Mayhem Gets Hip New Look

If you stop by Mayhem Dance Club in Mayfair these days, be sure to bring your shades because they club has a hip new look. With striking pink and purple accents, multiple levels, and a cozy seating area... the club has been decked out for a truly ravin' feel bound to satisfy most discriminating club hoppers.

Hard work is bound to be involved in a makeover like this and the refit of Mayhem was no exception. The work lasted a good week and the finished club was opened for the public to enjoy on Monday, 27 June. The completed look is the brainchild of club manager tayla Tigerfish and London builder Billy Arentire. The two decided that a lounge area was imperative to the club so that people could "relax and just sit and enjoy the atmosphere and the music," as tayla said.

Billy Arentire sees refreshing club looks as a must in SL, saying, "We've found that night clubs in Second Life tend to mimic those in Real Life, and as such require a lift every now and again." His hopes is that the new look will generate excitement with the regular crowd as well as bring in people who may not have partied at Mayhem in a while.

While the refit of Mayhem is indeed an achievement, Billy acknowledges that, "One of the key elements of the venue is its staff. Mayhem has a terrific team." With live D.J.'s every night playing a great variety of music, experienced management and hosts, and a hip new look the club is bound to draw attention. Billy's invitation is open to all: "If you haven't been to Mayhem in a while you should drop by for a drink, a dance and a chat!"

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