Londons first fishing contest!

London have just held its first fishing contest!!
The proud winner turned after a fierce struggle out to be Karola Silversmith closely followed by Torric Rodas! I came in third but got myself (except all the lovly fish) a lovely black and white bikini top on the hook! Click the image below for a bigger view.

If you haven't noticed it yet, London has a "7Seas" fishing-game close to the Dell behind the small freebie shop.

Simply buy a fishing-rod (you can buy a demo for just 1 L$) from the vending machine there and start fishing! It's alot of fun and except all the colorful fish you can catch you can also have the (bad?) luck to get things like a mermaid and merman, scrap metal, personal motorboat! boot, sack of dynamite etc. on the hook!

The fishing game is open to anyone one 24/7 and once in a while we will have more contests.
Get to the fishing game - click here!
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