London is Recruiting Apprentice Greeters!


The course: FRIDAY 16th July 2010. The course is 3 hours and starts at 11am SLT and ends at approximately 2pm SLT. The purpose of this course is to train and induct Apprentice Greeters to the London Team in London Gateway operated by


We are recruiting to the family of 'London Team' by seeking Apprentice London Greeters. We are looking those people who can commit to 8 hours a week for the induction and training of new residents, giving them the knowledge to rapidly engage and enjoy London in Second Life.

Hyde Park is a non profit commitment for the SL community and as such we do not pay a wage to park staff, this role is voluntary. Whenever possible, those who perform well and express an interest to progess from the Gateway, will be given the opportunity to progress to other roles, some of which are paid.

If you are experienced with SL, can offer assistance to new residents and you are patient, tolerant, level-headed and would enjoy passing on your knowledge to others we would like to hear from you.

You must be patient and friendly above all other qualities. We are not looking for people to police our sims. We seek those, who can work in a fun and friendly environment and can identify those in genuine need of your assistance and be tempered enough to excercise constraint against those who try your patience, whilst meaning no actual harm.

Places are limited to ten people. Not everyone applying for this role will be successful. Please do not be offended if we ask you to reapply for the next course.

We verify our team to ensure they are who they claim to be. If you are not willing to be verified, please do not submit an application.

We have a Conflicts of Interest policy and require full disclosure of any work you currently undertake for sims other than those operated by "The London Sims by Virtually-Linked.Com" and work you undertake for other sims whilst working as a London Team member.

Please read the through the following application carefully and give as much information as you think is neccessary.

As applications are always over-subscribed, a thoughtful response will be considered above others.

Please look for applications by the Dell Cafe in Hyde Park, London. Click HERE for a TP to the application board.

PLEASE RENAME YOUR APPLICATION and drop it back into the POST BOX on the side of the billboard where you obtained the application.

Please note, if you do not rename it as requested, your application will be lost.

Questions about the application? Please contact Torric Rodas.

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