Coach & Horses Burns Saturday Night!

On Saturday evening, June 12, revellers looked on in horror as the Coach & Horses Pub in Mayfair burnt to the ground.

Pub Landlady Eveshka Blackheart explained that over 50 people turned out to watch the England game in the pub and had a fantastic time. However, during the match London celebrity Regent Parx carelessly discarded a cigarette in the heavily crowded pub and what happened next will go down in Mayfair history.

In actual fact, the Coach & Horses has remained unchanged for 9 months now and London Architect Billy Arentire and Eveshka Blackheart decided that old interior was looking a little tired and have designed a total refit/replacement for the plot.

Eveshka explained, "The old Coach was so well known, we couldn't simply remove it and replace it, so we decided it should have a fitting send off. Over 60 people witnessed it's last moments. We would love all those people who were crying into their hankies to attend our grand opening on The New Coach and Horses on Saturday 19th June. We are sure they will love this completely new design".

We look forward to seeing the new pub, which we are told will arrive as soon as the old one stops smouldering.

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