C&H Reopens Its Doors

Stepping into the Coach & Horses is a bit like stepping back in time. You get flooded with that sudden nostalgia that comes with good ol' boy humor and Guinness and naughty bar jokes.

And there are few places friendlier that you can find in London if you're looking for a great place to chat with old friends or dance with new ones.

The reopening of the Pub on Saturday, June 19the after it burned to the ground under the misguided cigarette of Regent Parx was a resounding success. Music played for a full crowd and a "rock" themed contest spurred friendly competition.

The new wood tones with the warm fireplace, classy Fleur de lis and well stocked bar were a much needed face lift for this pillar of London. Stop by and check out the changes yourself!
Click HERE for a TP to the Pub which is open nightly from 1pm SLT (9 PM UK) till the last man falls over!

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