Workzmarter: Bringing Real World Businesses to Second Life

London's Knightsbridge has been in Second Life since 2007. Many virtual businesses have sprung up in this London Sim. But they are not alone. They have been joined by real businesses who wanted to work and trade in virtual worlds. Businesses like: Ozone Conferencing, London Translations, Songpod, Linguabooks, Coldwell Banker, The Daily Mail and Workzmarter all looked to London in Second Life for their virtual presence. Virtually Linked Limited has provided these companies with their presence as well as various events they have presented to us. Ozone used to do regular Networking meetings for people across the world.

Now Workzmarter have joined in the idea of virtual worlds and real businesses. Through the sponsorship of Workzmarter, we will be holding TGIF meetings on Fridays. At these, you can network with other users of Second Life, share ideas and tips and learn from each other about Second Life and business around the world. You can get help with basics on how to run a business and be pointed to the right place to get reliable information.

Many people start their own business because they are good at 'something' and then find out that they need to be 'good' at so many other things that are not their core skills - accounting, VAT, payroll, marketing, HR, Health and Safety... the list is endless. The problem is many small businessmen and woman do not have the time to do all of these things and in the end the core business suffers because they can not find the time to do what they do best. This is where can help you.

Workzmarter was the brainchild of David Vane, an entrepreneur from Southampton. From a business background, he has used his extensive knowledge to create one of the most innovative modern businesses. Workzmarter has full green credentials and an innovative use of the web. David facilitates the changing world of business by using web based tools. His belief in virtual worlds as a way to communicate with other business people from all over the world is demonstrated by him taking premises in Second Life's London sim, Knightsbridge.

From Workzmarter in Knightsbridge, David will be rolling out an exciting program of work seminars and information training workshop teasers. He will give you some insight into some of the most widely used computer programs, such as Outlook, MS Office, Web Browsers and other IT tools, as well as holding sessions Social Media Marketing, Motivation, HR and forms of Marketing - including Online Marketing. David will help you get the best out of your business and skills. So don't miss the TGIF meetings as a taster of belonging to the most exciting business group around.

Workzmarter premises includes a cyber cafe, relaxation area, conference area, training room and meeting space. If you want to know more about Workzmarter, contact Davido Decosta or
call +44 7545982838.

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by Debs Regent
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