Win a Date with Evie!

Need something worthwhile to do on Saturday, May 29th? (Looking for an SL date?) Stop by Bogies jazz club and take your chance at winning a date with London's own Evie Falconer and 600L to take her out for a night on the town! Only one important rule to remember: "no rude pose balls :)"
Evie is a particular lady. She likes marmite, the smell of creosote, petrol and Pentel pens, work, wine and nice shoulders on men (how do yours measure up!?) She would prefer to avoid moths, clowns, dentists, and if you have a foul mouth set it aside for this one evening...
Her wit is brilliant, her manner charming... and she's yours for the evening if you are the lucky contestant!
Click HERE for a TP to Bogies Jazz Club for your shot at winning a fabulous evening with Evie!
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