Her Majesty's Theatre Opens in Westminster

Saturday was an exciting day for the residents of Westminster as the brand new building based on Her Majesty's Theatre arrived in the region.

A crowd gathered on a specially build grandstand to see this enormous building land from its platform high in the sky.

The Queen was unable to attend the event, so the ceremony was conducted by the wonderfully regal Westminster Lionheart complete with crown and scepter.

The crowd was so in awe of Billy Arentire's latest design that a street party just kind of started by itself with London legend Regent Parx spinning 1960's and 70's music.

A fun time was had by all and special thanks to the Mayhem Dance Club for moving their club to the street party where everyone danced until the small hours.

The building based upon "Her Majesty's" houses 4 stores which are now available for businesses to trade from.

by Torric Rodas

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