Ghosting: How to Get Back in on the Grid

Have you logged out one evening and come back the next day just to see the same responsless avatar you said hello to last night? Wonder what happened to him? It may be a case of ghosting... and it's not a bad idea to know what to do in case the problem arises for you.

Occasionally when you crash or log out on your pc, you may not be fully logged out of of SL. The next time you attempt to log in to SL you will get a message that the system is logging you out and your account will not be available for a certain amount of time. Usually this is resolved within a few minutes, as the system dumps its memory. But occasionally, in the case of ghosting, an avatar can get stuck in limbo for hours, or even a couple of days... unable to log back in until the system resets or their is a sim restart to refresh things.

So what can you do if this error keeps you out of SL? Go to and log into your account. At the top right of your screen there is a help menu that allows you the option of "Submit a Ticket." Select this. On the next screen you will get some frequently asked questions with their answers and a clickable option to submit a trouble ticket. Click the link to pull up a ticket and submit. Be sure to provide the error message and the last region you were logged into to help speed up the process. Linden Labs should be able to resolve your issue for you so that you are logging back in in no time.

Happy SL to everyone!
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