Tristyn Homewood Captivates Bogies

Bogies is pure class... from the shimmering lights on the floor to the gossamer curtains behind the stage... and Monday night's performance from Tristyn Homewood was no exception. With mellow tunes like George Straight's "I Cross My Heart" and those like Garth Brook's "If Tomorrow Never Comes" meant to tug the heartstrings and sear the soul, he commanded the stage.

It's no surprise that Tristyn Homewood was able to captivate his audience. Music has been an important part of his life since he was very young. Coming from a background of country music (his mother sang a little in her younger years in Kentucky), Tristyn was influenced by both 70's rock growing up in Jacksonville, Florida and the country and bluegrass his mother sang to him when he was little. When he joined the Air Force, he entertained troops during his deployment in Saudi Arabia.

But, Bogies is no stranger to big name SL music. Bogies Manager Wendy Helstein has been raking them in lately, making the Jazz Club a virtual hotspot for performers who want an attentive audience and SLers who want a great performance. If you haven't stopped in lately for a drink and a dip with your favorite dance partner, it's high time you did!
by Jami Titanium
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