Mayhem "Spot On" Monday Night

With its great view of the ocean, friendly staff, and hopping tunes, Mayhem dance club in Mayfair London was "spot on" Monday night, April 12 with its "Best in Spots" contest (congrats Lily Beninzap for winning 300 Lindens!). The night was hosted by manager tayla Tigerfish, DJ snak3y Tryce, and club host Peter Cedarbridge. Guests were treated to an in sync chimera dance and a fantastic set of tunes as their hosts bantered and the sploder let loose lindens. It's London at its best.. friends so close they are like family (and where else could you trust someone to set your naughty and nice titler to something like "Puts Foot in it again!!!"). With its fantastic atmosphere, its a great place to gather, chat, dance, and hum a tune... not just for the old SL crowd, but also for the new, as everyone is welcomed, and hey... even if you can't count on the sploder... you can count on the fun!
by Jami Titanium
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