London Tour Series: Kensington

Yes... I've finally managed to get another post of my London Sims Tour series up and running... and this time it's Kensington up for grabs!

This beautiful sim is modeled after the Real Life Kensington with a variety of buildings, shops, and landmarks for your viewing pleasure. If you are from the UK, you'll recognize the streets and sites. If you are a tourist, now is your chance to visit one of London's finest places.

London Homes in Kensington

Looking for a cosy flat? Your first place or a second home in a friendly neighborhood? One of Kensington's London Homes may just be your answer! These homes are 795L a month less than Linden Homes. 117 prims for $1725 per month and that includes security, music changer, and free retexturing of the inside of your home. Want to share your home with a partner, friend, or alt? No problem! They can be added to the rez group. Click HERE for a tp now!

The Kensington Building

Planning a wedding? A concert? A birthday or Rezz-day party? This fabulous building is perfect for your extravagant events. The inside is graced with gorgeous pillars and marble floors and plenty of space for dancing or guests. Rentable for 1,000L for 1,000 prim for one day, it's an excellent choice for high end decorations and will hold lots of excited well wishers for your event. Click HERE for a tp to check it out!

The Daily Mail and General Trust

Circulating more than 2.1 million copies, the Daily Mail is one of the UK's largest and most trusted Associated Newspaper groups. And this century-old paper is represented in Second Life's Kensington Sim. Surrounded by fine shops, and housing rentable office space for your SL business, the DMGT is the epitome of SL building craftsmanship and class. Fine granite, indoor waterfalls, and luxury windows add to the spacious feel. Contact Rob Fenwitch to rent office space, conduct your conference or training session, or hold a class here. It's an ideal setting! Click HERE for a tp to take a look!

St. Mary Abbot's Church and The Kensington War Memorial

Light filters through the stained glass windows to shimmer on the wooden pews in a pious setting where you can find peace to meditate and pray. Ideal for small weddings or personal reflection, St. Mary Abbot's Church is a bit of history come to life. Designed in by architect Sir George Gilbert Scott in the 19th century, the church was built in 1872. It is interesting to note, that Isaac Newton visited this church and worshipped here, as well as anti-slave campaigner William Wilberforce and of course, Diana, Princess of Wales. Your visit to the Kensington Sim is not complete without a peek at this lovely building. Click HERE for a tp.

The Greyhound Pub

Known in real life for its friendly service, beer, and following of football and Six Nations rugby, this pub exists in Second Life Kensington too. Managed by isobel Byron and Gold Cazalet, the pub has a cozy atmosphere that welcomes the newcomer as well as the regular Londoner. The little stage is perfect for small performances, and the dance balls that grace the floor are top notch. Don't forget to have your dance partner touch the truth ball before you go! You might be surprised what you learn! So stop by... drinks are on the house! Click HERE now!
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