Hyde Park: A New Look

In recent weeks a feeling of calm and relaxation has descended over Hyde Park, the Original London Sims Orientation Island. To reflect this, the London Team has begun a refit of the park.

The Concept:

Sun dappled crushed gravel pathways lined with mighty oak trees and spring flowers in full bloom lead visitors to new and interesting areas of Hyde Park. The New User Experience will show new residents not only how to use the Second Life interface, but also will give them a sense of London and the community we have established.

The Reality:

Installation of the new concept has begun in the Dell area of the park. The build team decided to start with this heavily populated area, as it has been lacking in fun for some time now. "It is my hope that these positive changes made here will re-establish the heart of the park. It was sad to see all the fun ripped out and it is our goal to return these and many more items to the park," said London Build Manager Billy Arentire. And the changes have indeed come. The swans have made a triumphant return to the Serpentine, a friendly squirrel scampers along the pavement eating acorns, peacocks strut proudly in the sun showing of their exquisite plumes, pigeons peck at a bag of Regents Crisps, and (yes) I think I may have even seen a mouse.
Another new addition to the Dell is 7Seas Fishing! This area will continue to develop, but in the mean time it is open for a nice afternoon fishing get-away. Grab a pole and have a seat on one of the barrels and fish to your heart's content. This area will be manned by Karola Silvershmith, who will set up fishing contests and other fun and exciting events.

A visit to the taxi rank will allow you to take a taxi to all the London hot spots. Each London Sim will have its own taxi that will make stops at all major attractions and venues in the sim. We are working on this area and should have it operational very soon.

You'll find many new changes in the park and a few surprises now and then. Please visit often to see all the improvements!
by Billy Arentire
edited by Jami Titanium
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