The Birth of London in Second Life

Debs Regent wend to school in St. Albans, England and there she met her best friend Fiona. London in Second Life exists from a blessed reunion between these two best friends after twenty long years apart.

Debs and her childhood best friend, known in Second Life as Fiona May, initially reconnected through Friends Reunited. Strangely enough, they found their pasts to be very similar and had both held high level jobs in marketing for large IT organizations.
In the real world, they met in Knightsbridge, London. After lots of hugs, reminiscing and reconnection, they went for a meal at the restaurant in Harvey Nichols on Sloane Street to celebrate their reunion.

At this time, Debs lived in Portugal. The reason Debs was in London was to be with her husband who was in London to have a life-saving operation. After his operation, life was beginning to look better for them both.

Before she met Debs, Fiona was a leading light in the virtual world of Second Life. Over dinner, with their gaiety at meeting again and this enthusiasm Fionoa had for Second Life, Fiona infected Debs with her own passion for SL.

Debs decided to see what all the fuss was about and so opened her own account as "Debs Regent." She started life in the region then known as "Ahern." A place famous for greifers and all kinds of oddities, but she persevered and her friend teleported her out of there.

Debs spent months looking around and discovering SL and realised that, although it had a Dublin, it had no London. She was shocked at this and spoke to Fiona about recreating the location for the wonderful event of their reunion. Fiona agreed and they decided to do this project together.

Debs bought the sim and named it Knightsbridge. Unfortunately, at this time, Fiona became so busy at work that she didn't have time to develop Knightsbridge with Debs, so Debs had to decide whether to do it herself or let the whole thing drop. She decided to carry on.

After learning how to build basic buildings, Debs was joined by an avatar called Joe Fabre. Her friend Kiwispud Sakai also helped her by laying the road down and making London's first pub.

Pictured above: First prim rezzed in the London sims.

The sim started to take shape and Ligeia Westwick was approached to manage the building process there. She took that position for a while and built several of the houses and shops in Knightsbridge. Soon after, Gustavus Hapmouche joined as a new resident. He began in London as a rookie builder and learned his skills while creating some of the buildings in Knightsbridge, such as Harvey Nichols and the Underground building. He also created the first Underground Club -- an 80's themed truly "underground" groovy place. This became very popular as Taleisin Silverstar took over as club manager and also Underground Radio manager. Knightsbridge became talked about and attracted the attention of the BBC.

Pictured above: The Underground Club as it opened in Knightsbridge.

This is how the birth of London in Second Life came about.

by Debs Regent
edited by Jami Titanium
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