Honesty, Trust and Privacy

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Dear Zha and daleinnis,

Truth and honesty as well as trust and privacy as well as clarity - and can I add, integrity to this list are all of the same quality - Sincerity!

As you say, a totally pseudonymous person can be deeply honest, or totally deceitful, however this is also true of a non- pseudonymous person, I think of the snake oil salesman, who is undoubtably a con-artist, but little old ladies believe in him, his stories, and his wares. The same goes for pseudo-identities.

What really matters is what goes on in a heart, how much sincerity is in our interaction with others. Too often a person will promise and cajole for their own aims, without considering the pain and hurt it can afford others.

As a child I was taught a trick, which I call ‘switch’, where you imagine yourself in the position of the other person with whom you are having the interaction. This way, you may understand more clearly the effect of what you have said and done, on them.

Ultimately, that is all that matters, the effect you have had on someone else, so consider carefully before you lie or conceal a truth, because eventually the real truth will out. Better always to tell the truth initially, rather than to cause pain and evade the issue, which will increase and escalate until it becomes unbearable or unconcealable.

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Yes, Valliant.

Many of us agree and have been writing on this subject for a while now. If you notice, I do not hide behind my virtual identity of Debs Regent at all, my real name is at the top of my posting, rather than my pseudonym.

To demonstrate greater integrity, it is vital that we who do business through Second Life do not hide behind an 'avatar' or an avatar name. Because, just as actors are known for who they are in their real lives, we are also actors, albeit on a virtual stage.

This alternate stage is one of greater reach and interactivity than those in film and theatre. Therefore it is more imperative that we operate with integrity and sincerity. Actors walk away from their characters, which in some cases their real lives emulate, we cannot.

It is important to note here that there is an epidemic of apparent Second Life deaths and 'outs' (including some very deep-voiced ladies). It seems that virtual worlds are having their own variant of 'swine flu', one where our 'inconvenient' avatar character is either killed off or the actor behind it exposes their true identity, which often transforms the appearance of the associated avatar too.

As we are all pointing out here, to be seen to have credibility in the real world is to give the belief to the other person that we are behaving in all honesty, this is still not the case in many business scenarios anyway.

I envisage a seesaw effect in virtual worlds where - from the lack of trust due to hidden identity - we will swing to over-confidence about an individuals' integrity, simply due to the fact that they come out and 'unmask' themselves.

Remember, virtual worlds have had many tales of robbery and overstatement, some by so-called 'credible businesses'. There are crooks everywhere and if you have something of value, whether it be your heart or your wallet - be sure to know that they will be out to take it from you, especially if you are unwary.
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